How will the chamber cycle in NEW members throughout the year?

New members will select a tier and pay a pro-rated per month amount to get them to the end of that year.

Do new businesses still get 6 months FREE?

No. We are no longer offering this discount. With poor retention, we found that NO cost association resulted in poor participation, leaving new members asking why they should pay to continue membership.

Are there still special rates for non-profits?

No and Yes. There are no longer special rates for non-profits according to our tiered structure. Qualifying non-profits do still receive special discounts on some chamber activities/offers.


Will I need to select my level of participation as a member every year?

Yes. We are working to make this very easy for you. You will receive an invoice in December at your current tier level. At this time you can choose to upgrade.

Will I be reminded about my Annual Dinner reservation?

Yes. All Members will be reminded through mail and email. All Members must RSVP regardless of the amount of free tickets included in your tier. 

Can I modify the tiers provided?

Yes and No. The tiers were built based off of research on membership participation. For accounting and administrative purposes, the tiers come as is. You can, however, always add to a tier with the items on the à la carte add on menu

Can I offer my access to benefits to another company?

No. We would like to see companies or businesses who look to gain access to benefits do so by either first becoming a member, or by selecting the proper tier level.

If my tier value exceeds the next tiered level due to Add-Ons, do I bump up to that next level?

Likely, No. If the items selected match all of the parts of a higher tier, then yes. If they are a more tailored selection that do not match up with what a tier offers, then no. 

Can I let another business/organization/event/cause use my advertising spot?

See “Can I offer my access to benefits to another company?” above.


What happens with Monday email promotions that are not used within the year?

Email promotions not used in a year time frame do not apply to the next cycle; they expire at the end of the calendar year.


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